Pumpkin Pecan Waffles | Wax Melt Cups | 1.5oz

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles | Wax Melt Cups | 1.5oz

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Pumpkin Pecan Waffles
Wax Melt Cups
1.5 oz 100% soy wax

  • Top- butter
  • Middle - cinnamon, apple, cherry
  • Bottom - vanilla, musk, maple syrup

Found a scent you love? Double your wax shot with a 1.5oz cup! These are hand poured in small batches by me and are made from 100% soy wax using premium fragrance oils. These wax melts are 100% cruelty free and vegan!

All wax products are made in small batches, resulting in slight variations in color. The appearance of "frosting" on melts is 100% normal with soy wax and will not affect the scent in any way.

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