Wild Summer Designs Turns 4!

Wild Summer Designs
Turns 4!

Starts: Thursday 10/3 @ 6:00pm EST
Ends: Sunday 10/6 @ 11:59pm EST

Processing Time: 2-4 Weeks
Stock is semi-limited. This means that to start, stock will be UNLIMITED. However, I will adjust availability as the sale goes on to make sure I can process orders during the 2-4 weeks as promised. This means that some things MAY sell out! All orders are processed in the order they are received.

Discount: 60% off no minimum!
The code will be posted on facebook, instagram, and the home page of the website at the start of the sale. All new releases will be available on 10/3 at 5:30pm EST so you can get your cart ready!
The code is only valid on orders placed as of 6:00pm EST. If you order before the sale starts, your order WILL NOT be adjusted.

The first 50 orders placed as of 6:00pm EST will receive 2 extra foiled freebies: Quote Overlay Boxes & Sprinkle Header Overlays.
All orders will receive a regular freebie and orders of $50 or more (after discount & before shipping) will receive a full sheet freebie.
(These will be posted on FB & IG before the sale starts)

Combining Orders:
Due to the anticipated volume of the sale, orders cannot be combined. It takes way too much time away from processing and usually I mess it up somehow. I'm only one person!